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EMIVASA receives the first ISO 45001 certificate

EMIVASA receives the first ISO 45001 certificate


AENOR has recently given the first Occupational Health and Safety, according to the ISO 45001Occupational Health and Safety certificate to EMIVASA, a joint venture created by Valencia City Council and Global Omniun, to manage the public water supply service and the residential supply of drinking water in the city of Valencia. ISO 45001 was published in March.

The certificate of Occupational Health and Safety among many other benefits, allows companies to integrate occupational health and safety management into general and strategic processes; it also allows for optimal integration with other management systems, such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, which share the high-level structure; it decreases the rate of injuries, illnesses and deaths related to work, reducing risks and improving employee work conditions, thanks to Occupational Health and Safety management. Additionally, it promotes a preventive culture through the integration of a prevention system in the company (required by law), and enhances employee motivation and commitment through consultation and participation.

The photos, from left to right: Manual Romero, AENOR's Sectorial Marketing Director; Dionisio García, CEO of Global Omniun; and Salvador Ibáñez, AENOR's Delegation Director in Valencia.