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The GPS of future organisations


On 30 October, the Management Excellence Club celebrates its 25th Annual Forum, an event sponsored by AENOR, under the slogan "The GPS of future organisations". This meeting will present the conclusions of the "GPS of future organisations report". The report was drawn up following a survey of two hundred organisations who presented the main challenges and proposals for managing in a constantly changing environment that is heavily influenced by technological advances.

The Management Excellence Club uses the EFQM excellence model, a comprehensive tool that helps organisations to improve their management. This European Seal of Excellence acknowledges organisations that implement strategies aimed at excellence and that have achieved the established objectives, after successfully passing an external assessment carried out in conjunction with AENOR; it enables organisations to identify their current level of management and to produce a descriptive report of their management activities and obtained results. It also helps to identify the key strengths as well as any areas that require attention with regards the company's vision and mission.

AENOR, in association with the Club de Excelencia en Gestión [Club of Excellence in Management], has issued more than 600 Seals of Excellence at its different levels (+200, +300, +400 and +500).