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AENOR magazine

AENOR magazine, January 2021 edition now available


The January issue of the AENOR magazine is now available:

  • Prepared for the Trust Economy?: Rafael García Meiro, CEO of AENOR, reflects on the importance of generating trust in the existence of values that are relevant to society.
  • Solutions to new challenges to guarantee safety: The trusted platforms "Overcoming COVID-19", "Protecting Data Security and Privacy" and "Renewing the Food Chain" help organisations to respond to new safety challenges in the COVID-19 era.
  • PRACTICAL CASES / SERVICES AND SUPPLY: PLASTIGAUR demonstrates its commitment to sustainability. Plastigaur demonstrates its commitment to sustainability by achieving dual AENOR certifications; for Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) and for the percentage of post-consumer recycled plastic.

At a glance: all the latest news from AENOR, certificate deliveries, training and sectorized publications.

  • COVID-19 special
  • Construction and infrastructures
  • Food and Mass Distribution
  • Services and Supplies
  • Multisector 
You can read it on any device and searching for articles is simple, plus, you can use it to share them on social media #RevistaAENOR.

Statement by Rafael García Meiro APD