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International Day of Persons with Disabilities

International Day of Persons with Disabilities


3 December observes International Day of Persons with Disabilities, with the aim of removing barriers to create an inclusive and accessible society. People with disabilities tend to have fewer economic opportunities and unequal access to education. This is mainly due to the lack of services available to them, such as access to information or transport.

AENOR, thanks to its commitment to society, has a Universal Accessibility Management System which guarantees equal accessibility opportunities to all persons, regardless of age or disability, to any part of the built environment, transport and urban spaces and ensures that they receive the services provided there, with the maximum possible level of independence. This recognition certifies that the environment and services of organisations are accessible and remain so; thereby benefiting society as a whole. The certificate is based on the requirements of the Spanish standard UNE 170001-2.

There are currently 50 AENOR Universal Accessibility certificates in force, held by organisations operating in more than 200 environments and with services in all sectors and of all sizes: museums, beaches, shopping centres, hotels, work centres, bank branches, service stations, supermarkets, civic centres, hospitals and health centres, insurance companies, tourist information offices, conference centres, universities and transport services, among others.