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Pilar Arana, member of the Mobility and Transport Council of San Sebastian; Luz Emparanza, Director of AENOR in the Basque Country

Dbus, committed to sustainability and energy efficiency


AENOR has granted certification of Energy Management Systems, according to the ISO 50001, which guarantees the implementation of a tool that allows efficient use of energy resources to reduce the company's energy consumption and polluting emissions.

The Standard ISO 50001 is an international standard on energy management systems that aims to improve the energy efficiency of organisations. It applies to all activities, operations or services carried out by the Company, including its fleet, with the aim of guaranteeing the correct energy management.

The application of the standard includes the following objectives and benefits:

Contributes to more efficient consumption of resources, with continuous monitoring of resources. This efficient consumption in turn translates into cost reduction.

Facilitates transparency in the management of energy resources.

Helps to assess and prioritise the implementation of new energy efficiency technologies.

Allows the reduction of CO2 emissions and other polluting emissions.

Promotes good energy management practices.

Provides the energy efficiency framework throughout the supply chain.

Ensures that the Company complies with all the legal requirements relating to energy.

Dbus is a pioneering company in establishing quality criteria as a priority. It was the first transport company in the Basque Country to obtain the AENOR certification, governed by the UNE-EN 13816 standard of Quality in Public Passenger Transport in accordance with UNE-EN 13816; with the implementation of the new standard, it not only guarantees the quality of the company's service, but also its energy management. It also holds the certificate of Certification of Protocols against COVID-19, which guarantees that the serviced by the Company comply with the necessary protocols and measures established to confront this new situation.

In the photograph, taken at the company's offices, from left to right, Pilar Arana, Mobility and Transport Councillor at San Sebastian City Council; Luz Emparanza, Managing Director of AENOR in the Basque Country; and Igor Gonzalez, Managing Director of Dbus;

The mark of the new certification is visible on all buses in the company's fleet,

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