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Agreement to promote training in UNE standards

Agreement to promote training in UNE standards


The Spanish Association of Heat Generator and Issuer Manufacturers (FEGECA) and AENOR have signed a collaboration agreement with the aim of fostering promotion and diffusion activities in the fields of training and standards.

The FEGECA-AENOR agreement is summarised in two specific lines of collaboration: Promoting the sale of UNE standards and promoting training, with a keen interest in the development of value-added services for companies that form part of FEGECA, such as certification, training and the acquisition of standards and information services.

In the agreement, FEGECA and AENOR agree that the improved efficiency of companies must be a priority in order to strengthen their associates' production industries, and they commit to the importance of certification and quality management for companies in order to increase productivity.

Regarding training, AENOR offers all FEGECA associate companies beneficial conditions in the training courses in its catalogue. Both companies will uphold an ongoing collaboration to identify training actions that may be of greater interest for FEGECA associates.

The agreement, which will allow FEGECA associates to obtain exclusive discounts on training and standards programmes, was reached by the chairman of FEGECA, Vicente Gallardo, and AENOR's Training Manager, Susana Lozano.