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Collaboration agreement between BEQUINOR - AENOR

Collaboration agreement between BEQUINOR - AENOR


The Asociación Nacional de Normalización de Bienes de Equipo y Seguridad Industrial [National Association for Standardisation of Capital Goods and Industrial Security] (BEQUINOR) and AENOR have signed a collaboration agreement. the aim of the above agreement is to offer the best conditions under which to acquire standards and publications and to promote and publicise training courses.

In this way, both companies are able to strengthen the commitment and synergy they have demonstrated for many years.

In the photograph from left to right, Pablo Corróns, AENOR's Director of Industry Marketing; Rosa Sánchez Torres, Managing Director of Bequinor; Miguel Francisco Sánchez Ariza, Chairman of Bequinor; and Susana Lozano, Director of Training at AENOR.