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The company AENOR Dominicana is incorporated

The company AENOR Dominicana is incorporated


​AENOR has strengthened its presence in the Dominican Republic with the incorporation of the company AENOR Dominicana. 

AENOR has driven development in the certification market in the Dominican Republic, as a means of strengthening both companies' and institutions' internal and external competitiveness. It began operating in the country in 1997, when it awarded the first ISO 9001 Quality Certificate; since then, it has experienced constant growth, with as many as 175 workplaces currently certified in the Dominican Republic. 

Over the last few years, AENOR's work in the Dominican Republic has stood out for providing a high-quality service, creating the utmost value in every audit process and for its wide range of certifications; innovating in fields such as Service Charters, Sustainable Forest Supply Chains, Funeral Services and Food Safety.  

AENOR wants to continue to consolidate its position as the ally of choice for Dominican organisations, remaining a local leader in the field of compliance assessment, improving its position in services between companies (B2B) and helping to generate trust among consumers (B2C), It plans to do this by developing certifications that offer high added value, such as those covering Food Safety, Anti-bribery, Information Security, Healthcare Services and Social Responsibility,

Similarly, in the area of the most widespread certifications, such as ISO 9001 (Quality) and ISO 14001 (Environment); or in the new ISO 45001 (Workplace Health and Safety, that replaces OHSAS 18001), it offers Dominican organisations extensive knowledge and experience, both local and global. 

In addition, AENOR is the ally of choice for the Dominican Republic's training professionals; so far this year alone it has run 20 training courses, which have been attended by nearly 300 professionals from companies of various business sectors.

This step strengthens the company's prominent position in the LatAm region, where AENOR is a leader in major markets. With AENOR Dominicana, the group now has eleven companies around the world, with operations in 90 countries.

At the head of AENOR Dominicana is Ariel Espejo, a professional with an extensive career in the services sector, who now joins AENOR Dominicana as the company's Director. He previously worked in the Contact Centre sector. Espejo is also a postgraduate teacher at the Universidad APEC and at the Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM). Ariel Espejo holds a degree in Business Administration, with a Specialism in Business Management, and he also holds a Master's degree in Quality Management and Business Excellence. In addition, he has a Diploma in Higher Education Pedagogical Sciences.