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Commitment to the quality and safety of patients in the HUIC


AENOR has delivered the renewed certificates of Quality (ISO 9001) and Risk Management Systems and Patient Safety (UNE 179003) to the Hospital Universitario Infanta Cristina.

The award ceremony was attended by Alberto Pardo, Deputy Director General for Healthcare Quality of the Regional Ministry of Health of the Community of Madrid; the Director of AENOR in the Community of Madrid, Enrique Megía; and the Managing Director of the hospital, Carlos Mingo.

The Quality Management System certification has been delivered to the Pathological Anatomy, Pharmacy and Patient Care departments. For its part, the Risk Management Functional Unit, responsible for proactively and reactively analysing and implementing the necessary means to prevent possible risks to patients, and of which all the hospital's departments form a multidisciplinary part, has revalidated its UNE 179003 certification.

The Infanta Cristina Hospital has been UNE 179003 certified since 2016 and ISO 9001 certified since 2017, reflecting the hospital's commitment to quality and patient safety. The aim of these renovations is to improve the efficiency of clinical care and to reduce patient risks.

The Infanta Cristina Hospital also has the certificate of National security scheme

Statements and more can be found in the press release attached.