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COINGA certified in Welfair Animal Welfare™


AENOR has awarded COVAP WELFAIR Animal Welfare™, based on the European Welfare Quality Project (AWIN®), becoming the first company in the Balearic Islands dairy sector to obtain it.

COINGA, which represents 50% of the Menorcan dairy sector, is a cooperative that works to improve the conditions in which milk is produced in Menorca, the raw material of all its products.

The Standard, entirely drafted by expert animal welfare scientists belonging to technology centres in different countries, sets it apart from other established norms in terms of both scientific rigour and the fact that auditing is essentially based on direct observation of the animal itself.

The event was attended by the President of the Council of Menorca, Susana Mora, the President of COINGA, Guillermo de Olives; the manager of COINGA, Margarita Tudurí; and the Director of AENOR in the Balearic Islands, Soledad Seisdedos.