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AENOR certifies the 100% rPET recycled plastic content in the Aguas Danone bottles


​AENOR has issued Aguas Danone with the certification that guarantees that its rPET plastic bottles are made entirely of recycled plastic. This achievement makes Aguas Danone the first company in the natural mineral water sector to receive this distinction, and consolidates its commitment to the environment and the circular economy.

The company's objective is to ensure that all Font Vella and Lanjarón bottles have this certification by 2025, when Aguas Danone plans to have all its product containers made from recycled plastic.

To grant this certification, AENOR carried out a documentary analysis of the procedures used by Aguas Danone to ensure the use of post-consumer recycled material and also conducted an on site audit at the organisation's facilities. During this audit, it was verified how the organisation ensures the post-consumer origin of the rPET material it uses, verifying the audits performed by Aguas Danone and by independent entities at the supplier's facilities, as well as the complete production process of the 'preforms' made at the installations, from the reception of this raw material in tanks to the final injection of the preform that will be converted into a bottle at the Font Vella and Lanjar bottling plants.

Aguas Danone will be adding the logo that identifies this certification to the formats that it currently manufacturers with 100% rPET deriving from other bottles, which are initially: 75cl Font Vella, 75cl and 50cl Lanjarón, and in catering; 1.5L and 50cl Font Vella bottles.

Statements from François-Xavier Lacroix, General Manager of Aguas Danone and CEO of AENOR, Rafael García Meiro, in the attached press release. 

Press Release​​​​