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Certification with the IPEX Service Charter


The Instituto de Promoción Exterior de Castilla-La Mancha (IPEX) has been certified by AENOR in accordance with the UNE 93200 standard on Service Charters, one of the most reliable tools to ensure that Public Administrations and private companies report to their users the services they render and the commitments they undertake when providing services.

With this certification, the IPEX has publicly undertaken a commitment to quality with its customers, in which it agrees to a minimum of 60 subsidies per year, the scheduling of a minimum of 20 seminars per year and offering at least 20 training courses per year in foreign trade.

When granting this certification to IPEX, AENOR auditors paid special attention to the expectations of the customers, the contents of the Service Charter and the monitoring and control systems carried out by the company on compliance with commitments. The auditing process included a control using various research techniques to measure customer satisfaction and fulfilment of expectations.

IPEX now joins the over 250 companies and organisations in Spain and other countries that currently have Service Charter certificates in force. The aim of these certificates is to increase customer satisfaction by enforcing standards of ethical conduct and accountability.  

Pictured from left to right, Pedro Morejon, Territorial Director of ICEX in Castilla La Mancha; Fernando Lavina, Managing Director of IPEX; Javier Rosell, Managing Director of Enterprise at the Department of Economy, Business and Employment; Javier Muñoz, Director of Compliance Operations at AENOR and Antonio Contreras, Director of AENOR in Castilla La Mancha.