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Zero emissions at the Goya Awards


The 34th edition of the Goya Awards has been accredited as a zero emissions event, after receiving AENOR certification of its Carbon Footprint. This is a demonstration of the Awards' commitment on climate change.

The certificatation accredits that the direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions associated with the event, organised by the Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences of Spain and the Málaga City Council, have been calculated and offset. The recognition has been granted in accordance with the international accounting tool GHG Protocol.

In order to qualify for the certification, all the direct and indirect gas emissions associated with the event, to be held at the Palacio de Deportes José María Martín Carpena, have been calculated in detail: from energy consumption, to the transport and accommodation of guests, to water consumption, waste management, merchandising, safety and other supplies. The offsetting has been carried out through mechanisms established by the United Nations for this purpose.

AENOR has certified over 200 Carbon Footprints for companies, which are the result of the lifecycle of products, events, organisations and services.