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CEPSA reinforces its commitment to integrity and transparency


AENOR has renewed CEPSA's certificates for Criminal Compliance Management System, according to the UNE 19601and Anti-bribery Management System certificate, in accordance with the standard UNE-ISO 37001, respectively. Obtaining these certificates reflects the concern and interest of CEPSA to promote an ethical and responsible corporate culture at the company.

Both certificates serve to highlight the company's implementation of an effective organizational and management model to reduce the risk of any possible crimes and bribery. Specifically, the UNE 19601 standard acknowledges the best practices for preventing and detecting possible crimes in organizations, while the international standard ISO 37001 lays out the general conditions that organizations must apply to constantly improve in the fight against potential corporate bribery practices.

These certificates are the benchmark in Spain for designing and structuring criminal risk prevention systems, and are inspired by the highest international standards in this area. In addition, they represent the best practices in terms of preventing crime, reducing risk and promoting an ethical, law-abiding business culture.

Cepsa thus remains at the forefront in its sector in terms of committing to the best practices in ethics and compliance, after becoming in 2018 one of the first companies in its sector in Europe, and the first in Spain, to be ISO 37001 certified, accrediting the measures it has implemented in its anti-bribery management system.

Statements and more can be found in the press release attached.

In the photograph, from left to right, Javier Nájera, Cepsa's Ethics and Compliance Director; Nicolás Henríquez, Director of Business Development at AENOR; and Cristina Fabre, Cepsa's Internal Auditing, Compliance and Risks Director.