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Service Charters for the City Council of Madrid

Service Charters for the City Council of Madrid


​AENOR has issued four Registered Service Charters to the City Council of Madrid. The certified charters are: Youth; Urban trees; Centre for the Prevention of Cognitive Decline; and a Municipal Police Service for Women, Minors, Senior Citizens and Society in General.

It has also renewed a further 18 charters: Sports classes and schools; Sports competitions; Sports medicine and psychomotor education; OMIC- Municipal Office for Consumer Information; Air quality; Education and environmental awareness activities; Water management; Household habitability and sanitation; Healthcare activities for the prevention and protection of the health at work; Activities agency; Library network; SAMUR Social (emergency services) ; Tourist information and services; Official guided tours of Madrid; Foreign tourist services; Comprehensive taxpayer services; Residents' register; and statistical information. 

Service charters are public documents through which organisations inform their users transparently about the services they provide and the commitments they take on when providing these services. Residents can be involved in creating service charters, and their needs and expectations are taken into account when these charters are developed. 

Service charter certification is based on standard UNE 93200 and when service charters are audited, an auditor will act as a user to check the procedures and service. It also involves communicating to the public their level of compliance with the commitments outlined, by monitoring indicators.

The Director of the Unit for Civic Participation, Transparency and Open Government Pablo Soto Bravo took part in the event; as did Javier Moscoso, the Director General of Transparency and Citizens Support. AENOR's Business Development Manager Mario Calderón also attended the event.