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Campofrío Frescos achieves Animal Welfare

Campofrío Frescos achieves Animal Welfare


The certificate of AENOR Conform mark for Animal Welfare confirms that organisations comply with the requirements of the AENOR Animal Welfare model, developed jointly with the Institute of Agriculture and Food Research and Technology (IRTA) Welfare Quality®the main European benchmark in animal welfare.

Campofrío Frescos has become the first fresh pork producer in Castile-Leon to achieve this certification the scope includes the entire production cycle: from livestock farming to the final product packaging and labelling, ensuring both animal welfare and traceability up to the end-user.

This certification is currently the only one in Spain that can guarantee the requirements established in Welfare Quality®, a system entirely developed by scientists who are experts in animal welfare, and members of Technology Centres in various countries.

Campofrío Frescos adds this new quality seal to others they have already received, including International Featured Standards (IFS), which guarantees the comparability and transparency throughout the supply chain and BRC Overall Standards, to ensure the quality and safety of foodstuffs offered to consumers.

To issue the Animal Welfare certificate, AENOR carries out an exhaustive audit that evaluates 4 principles: good feeding, good housing, good health and appropriate behaviour, all in line with the needs of the species. These are grouped into 12 criteria that go from the lack of pain in handling, injuries and illnesses; to guaranteeing movements or the appropriate behaviour of the animals, among others.

The number of organisations opting for the AENOR Animal Welfare certification is growing, as it is the certificate that generates the most credibility among consumers.

More information in the press release.