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Pascual Quality Campaign

Pascual Quality Campaign


Quality Pascual has launchedcampaign that emphasises its commitment to animal welfare, and the AENOR certificate that supports it.

Pascual is currently the only major manufacturer to have all its farms certified with this Animal Welfare reference. This certification is the only one in Spain that can guarantee the requirements established in Welfare Quality®, a system that has been fully elaborated by scientists who are experts in animal welfare, belonging to Technology Centres in different countries.

The AENOR Conform certificate of Animal Welfare demonstrates that organisations meet the requirements of the AENOR Animal Welfare model, developed with the Institute of Agrifood Research and Technology (IRTA), and based on the European Welfare Quality® reference point, the main European benchmark in animal welfare.

To issue the certificate, AENOR carries out an exhaustive audit in evaluating 4 principles: good feeding, good housing, good health and appropriate behaviour, all in line with the needs of the species. These are grouped into 12 criteria that go from the lack of pain in handling, injuries and illnesses; to guaranteeing movements or the appropriate behaviour of the animals, among others.

AENOR has already certified Animal Welfare in more than 1,000 farming systems for different species in Spain, in accordance with Welfare Quality® protocol.