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Animal Welfare attributes in main livestock production processes

Animal Welfare attributes in main livestock production processes


AENOR has awarded COVAP Animal Welfare the certificate for its entire cattle, Iberian pig and sheep production process Its model, based on quality at the source, has led the Cooperative to receiving this award in recognition of its entire livestock production process.

COVAP, a first-degree livestock cooperative, is based in the region of Los Pedroches, in the north of the province of Cordoba, and has several thousand current members throughout Andalusia, Castilla La Mancha and Extremadura. COVAP controls the entire production chain: supply of high quality fodder and other consumables to partners' farms; collection of dairy and meat products which it processes and markets to reach the end consumer.

AENOR's Animal Welfare certificate based on the European Welfare Quality ® Standard Welfare Quality has been awarded to COVAP in recognition of their good farming practices according to the following principles: good feeding, housing, health and appropriate behaviour in 305 dairy cattle farms and 576 100% Iberian pig farms; these principles are grouped into 12 criteria ranging from absence of pain and distress from handling, injury or disease; to guaranteeing movements or the appropriate behaviour of the animals, among others.

The Standard, entirely drafted by expert animal welfare scientists belonging to technology centres in different countries, sets it apart from other established norms in terms of both scientific rigour and the fact that auditing is essentially based on direct observation of the animal itself.

Antonio Pérez Carreño, AENOR's Andalusian Director, presented the certificate to Ricardo Delgado Vizcaíno, COVAP's President.

Group photograph with the managers, technicians and stockbreeders from the areas that have co-operated in COVAP's major animal welfare project.

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