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Algeciras Bay Port Authority (APBA) receives certification in R&D&I Management


​AENOR has awarded the Algeciras Bay Port Authority (APBA) with certification for R&D&I Management Systems, based on standard UNE 166002, for research, development and innovation activities in the field of logistics and port operations. Thus, the APBA is the first port authority to receive this certification.

The AENOR certificate for R&D&I Management Systems accredits that the organisation complies with the requirements of the standard UNE 166002, whose objectives are to organise, systematize and permanently improve R&D&I activities and to achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness in research, development and innovation.

Furthermore, with its implementation, the APBA not only regulates and systematizes the key processes, but has also launched new procedures that improve aspects such as technological monitoring, knowledge management, and the implementation of tools to support innovation, ensuring strategic compliance and the guidelines that characterise the concept of the latest generation port.