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Antonio Balado elected as the AENOR representative in ETICS

Antonio Balado elected as the AENOR representative in ETICS


Antonio Balado has been selected to represent AENOR as a member of the Board of Directors of the European Testing, Inspection and Certification System (ETICS)Association.

ETICS is a non-profit organisation that was founded in accordance with Belgian law. Its aim is to manage third-party compliance evaluation systems in the electrotechnical sector and other related areas, such as inspections and testing. Currently, the primary function of ETICS is to manage the certification systems of European international agreements within the electrotechnical sector, such as the ENEC and HAR marks and the CCA mutual recognition agreement.

In addition to several other functions, the Board of Directors coordinates the range of services provided by its members related to the testing, inspection and certification of products before they enter the market. In addition, it organises training courses on testing, inspection and certification for expert teams in order to ensure the common application of European standards.

Balado is the Head of Operations and Technology at AENOR. His appointment to the Board of Directors will last for three years. AENOR has been a member of ETICS since its foundation in 2015.