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Alsa, 10 years of commitment to road safety


Ten years ago, the transport company Alsa was a pioneer by becoming the first company in the world to obtain the Road Safety System Management certificate, as per the ISO 39001 standard. Over the course of this decade, the company has renewed this certificate year after year, reflecting its commitment to improving the safety of its operations on the road.

The ISO 39001 certification means that the company has a system in place to manage its performance in the area of road safety. A decade after being certified, Alsa has implemented general safety programmes, such as "Eliminating Risks", in an effort to have zero traffic accident victims.

The implementation of various processes and technologies has allowed Alsa to significantly reduce its accident rate. Since 2010, it has reduced its at-fault accident rate in all its operations by 30%, a figure that rises to 61% in its Morocco, which is also covered by this ISO certification, as well as in Switzerland and Portugal.

The Road Traffic Safety certificate, as per ISO 39001, provides three major advantages for organizations: it promotes a safe system approach which has the long-term aim of eradicating road traffic accidents by encouraging good practices based on analysing the most significant road traffic safety risks involved in their processes; it avoids significant economic costs and lost profits for the company, while improving the productivity and profitability of their business by maximizing the safety of their employees; and it reinforces their position in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility by sharing responsibility for road traffic safety among the various stakeholders involved in the system.

Statements and more can be found in the press release attached.

In the photograph, Francisco Iglesias, Alsa's CEO, and Javier Mejía, AENOR's Marketing and Business Development Director.