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AENOR Survey

AENOR strengthens its Brand leadership


The latest survey on Brand awareness among consumers in Spain has produced an excellent result that strengthens the robustness of the AENOR Brand and its recognition among the general public. In a year where decreases have been the norm, AENOR has grown; from 71.4% to 72.6% in aided recall (consumers respond to a brand name when prompted on a category) and from 24.6% to 27.6% in spontaneous recall (names given by the respondent to a question asked). Thus, the advantage that separates AENOR from the following conformity assessment entity has grown from 36.9 to 43.6 points in aided recall and from 18.7 to 24.4 points in spontaneous recall. It should be noted that when the public was asked "What brands or companies do you relate to quality certification or support for things well done?" The first name that is spontaneously suggested is "AENOR."

The survey was carried out by Kantar, one of the most prestigious international organisations, and the field work was carried out in February this year.