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AENOR promotes responsible tuna consumption through a new website

AENOR promotes responsible tuna consumption through a new website


AENOR launches a website to promote responsible tuna consumption, The aim is to highlight the work of the tuna fleet and its effort in bringing products to the consumer using best fishing practices, guaranteeing the rights and working conditions of fishing workers and avoiding overexploitation, accidental catches and the future of tuna stocks.

This new website contains information for consumers and for companies interested in certifying their entire chain of custody and being able to use the AENOR APR mark. For consumers, there are dedicated sections on the website for recognising those products that have been certified with the AENOR APR mark, the implications of consuming these products, as well as companies such as, Isabel and Campos, that have already been granted this certification. Furthermore, there is information on the certification of ships and canning companies, as well as the most important international regulations in this field. In addition, the annual APR fleet certification reports are included, with all details of the certification process and their results.        

The AENOR APR mark mark responds to the growing demand to guarantee responsible tuna fishing by covering all factors affecting conservation of natural and human resources. The companies that obtain it are publicly demonstrating their firm, long-term commitment to environmentally responsible, sustainable extractive fishing methods, maritime control and sanitation of fishing vessels and guarantee of fishing workers rights (minimum age, salary, contracts, insurance, etc.) in line with current social values.

The certificate, based on the UNE 195006 Standard promoted by the Organisation of Associated Producers of Frozen Tuna (OPAGAC), represents the only globally recognised standard that guarantees the fleet's social and labour rights in accordance with international standards and agreements, while ensuring compliance with the best fishing practices and globally recognised standards.

Statements by all parties involved in the attached press release:

Óscar Vicente, Managing Director of Bolton Food S.L. (Conservas ISABEL); Aintzi Labru, Marketing Director of Conservas Campos; Julio Morón, Managing Director of OPAGAC and Rafael García Meiro, CEO of AENOR.

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