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AENOR, at the Dominican Republic Quality Awards


EAt the end of August, AENOR's CEO, Rafael García Meiro, visited the Dominican Republic, invited by the Caribbean country's Ministry of Public Administration, which is led by Ramón Ventura Camejo. The visit provided the opportunity to meet with different groups representing the Dominican Republic's economy, as well as to see first-hand the commitment to quality of numerous public and private organisations from the Dominican Republic.

As part of the visit, AENOR's CEO Rafael García Meiro was in charge of inaugurating the ceremony for the sixth edition of the Provincial Quality Award in the Public Sector of Santiago.

In addition, he participated in the International Benchmarking Seminar "Quality, a key element for continuous improvement in the health services: Experiences of primary centres, providing the talk on "Quality: the culture of trust." He also participated, together with the minister, in a colloquium on the television programme El Caffito, by the channel Teleuniverso.

AENOR is the benchmark certification company in the Dominican Republic. It started its activity in 1997 and today it has 175 certified work centres. Ariel Espejo is the Managing Director of AENOR Dominicana.

Previously, Rafael García Meiro visited Mexico, where he coincided with noteworthy representatives of the Mexican quality infrastructure, as well as from the industrial sectors.