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AENOR, on the Board of Directors of AMETIC

AENOR, on the Board of Directors of AMETIC


Elections for AMETIC's governing bodies have just been held. Stemming from this process, the following have been elected: Pedro Mier, Chairman; Luis Fernando Álvarez-Gascón, Deputy chairman; Alfonso Rubio, Secretary; and Rogelio de la Fuente, Treasurer.

AENOR' s CEO, Rafael García Meiro, has been elected to join the Board of Directors, which is the governing body responsible for the Association's management, administration and board of directors, whose basic function is to coordinate all the Association's activities required to achieve its aims. The Board of Directors comprises representatives from associations and companies, as well as representatives from AMETIC' s committees and elected senior managers.

AMETIC represents the industrial digital technology sector in Spain; It fosters economic policies and regulatory legislations in order to simplify company access to digitalisation.