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ENAC accredits AENOR for occupational health and safety

ENAC accredits AENOR for occupational health and safety


​The Spanish Accreditation Body (ENAC) has awarded AENOR accreditation for the certification of Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, in accordance with the standard ISO 45001.

This certification is the ideal tool for all organisations in search of continual improvement, regardless of their size, type and sector, to manage their occupational health and safety risks while being more efficient and effective, reduce work-related injury and ill health and increase operability thanks to reduced situations of emergencies and sick leave.

The main benefits include the prevention of work-related injuries and illnesses and guidance on how to provide healthy and safe workplaces; the leadership and commitment of the senior management team, assuming accountability for the management system; the elimination of dangers and the reduction of risks through effective prevention measures, taking advantage of opportunities and improving performance; the involvement and participation of employees at all levels and competencies within an organisation; the development of an organisational culture that supports the intended outcomes of the management system.

AENOR has awarded close to ten Occupational Heath and Safety certificates.