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AENOR, accredited by ENAC for business continuity

AENOR, accredited by ENAC for business continuity


​The Spanish National Accreditation Body (ENAC) has awarded AENOR the first accreditation for the certification of business continuity management systems in accordance with the standard UNE-EN ISO 22301.

Business continuity management is a strategic management tool of organisations; the certification proves the implementation and application of controls and measures to manage the general risks to which the business continuity of an organisation is exposed.

Appropriate management of the business continuity allows organisations, among other aspects, to acquire the ability to resist the effects of an incident (resilience) as well as to prevent or to avoid the possible scenarios caused by a crisis situation; to manage the interruption of its activities by minimising economic, image or civil liability consequences derived from the same; or to reduce the costs associated with the interruption.

AENOR has awarded around thirty Business Continuity Management certificates.