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Nicolás Henriquez, Francisco José Hernández, Andrés López Hedoire, José Luis Moreno Gil.

AENOR certifies that Telefónica complies with the highest safety standards


AENOR has presented Telefónica with the certificate of National security scheme (ENS). Telefónica España has improved the offer of services certified in the ENS and was the first to be certified by an independent entity (AENOR) for the information systems they provide, comprising fifty-eight services in their commercial catalogue.

This service proposal meets the different needs that Public Administrations and Businesses have in terms of security management, cloud solutions, workplace solutions, voice and network solutions, IoT (Internet of Things), messaging, internet and contents or service centres, positioning Telefónica as a benchmark in the market by guaranteeing compliance with the highest safety standards.

This certification, in accordance with Royal Decree 3/2010, it includes a set of basic principles and minimum requirements that guarantee adequate protection of services, systems, data and communications. The degree of rigour and compliance varies depending on the criticality of the information, services, assets and information systems analysed.

There are several benefits to be obtained from the certificate of National Security Scheme ​(ENS​); including that it proves the information systems supporting Telefónica's technology solutions and services have the necessary security measures and controls for its customers, which builds trust. It also establishes a framework containing a set of measures/controls that involve protection for national cybersecurity.

Please find more information in the press release attached.

Pictured, from left to right, Nicolás Henriquez, Director of Sales at AENOR; Francisco José Hernández, a member of the Telefónica España Processes and Certifications management team; Andrés López Hedoire, Director of Marketing of Business Products at Telefónica España; and José Luis Moreno Gil, Head of Large Accounts at AENOR.

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