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AENOR opens a branch in Málaga

AENOR opens a branch in Málaga


AENOR has opened a branch in Málaga with the aim of providing a better service to businesses and institutions, based on proximity and efficiency. This opening is part of AENOR's drive to boost the competitiveness of Andalusian organisations and their economic fabric by generating confidence in the market and society.

The branch is located in the Reding Business Centre - in the emblematic, centrally-located building at Number 43 Paseo de Reding. It will provide its services in the areas of conformity assessment, training and IT to organisations in the whole of eastern Andalusia. AENOR employs 40 specialists in Andalusia.

Opened in 1993, Andalusia was one of AENOR's first branches. Today, Andalusia is one of the Autonomous Communities with the largest number of AENOR-certified workplaces, with over 9,300 of the more than 80,000 certified centres worldwide.

In the picture, the emblematic Reding Business Centre building, location of the AENOR Málaga branch43, Paseo de Reding).