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AECEM, first AENOR Project Trust certificate


AENOR has awarded the Spanish Association of Business Consultants (AECEM) the first AENOR "Recovery Contribution Project" certificate.

This certification supporting the alignment of specific projects with the Transformation, Recovery and Resilience Plan launched by the Government of Spain to access Next Generation EU funds. The AECEM project "2021-2025 Digitalization Plan" is in line with the "Digital Transformation" strategic axis and the Leveraging Policies, Components and Measures defined therein. AENOR's certification aims to strengthen the capacity to generate trust in projects, before the project evaluators.

AENOR verifies that the AECEM "2021-2025 SME Digitalization Plan" covers the most important areas for the digitalization of Spanish SMEs, with nine lines of service: internet presence and online reputation, sales and management of online processes, customer service and loyalty, secure digital transactions, business management processes, communication with banks and cash management, day-to-day digitalization, prevention and management of defaults and cybersecurity.

The initiative AENOR Project Trust aims to promote access by companies to the funds available under the European Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan by creating a layer of trustability regarding a specific project's digital transformation or green capacity.

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AECEM, first AENOR certificate supporting projects for European funds

Javier Mejía on the first AENOR Project Trust certificate awarded to AECEM