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Agreement on the humanisation of healthcare

Agreement on the humanisation of healthcare


AENOR and the Spanish Private Healthcare Alliance (ASPE) have signed a collaboration agreement in which AENOR will support ASPE in its growth and development of the various partner companies in Spain, in order to generate trust in the capabilities of organisations through conformity assessment services (certification, inspection and testing), training and information.

This agreement has given rise to one of the first joint actions: the 5th Conference on Quality in the Healthcare Sector, organised recently. The event addressed the various proposals for humanising healthcare, tools for managing it, as well as the vision of the healthcare audit from the perspectives of the auditor and the audited, and best practices in healthcare, always placing the focus on the patient.

Marta Serrano, Head of Health at AENOR, highlighted the existence of more than 900 certificates supporting the sector and emphasised that certification contributes to improving the management of healthcare services and the satisfaction of all the system's users.

AENOR's certificates bolster competitiveness among healthcare organisations, encouraging ongoing improvement in the fields of quality management, healthcare, environment, information security, food safety and healthcare products.

In the photograph, on the left, Carlos Rus, General Secretary of the Spanish Private Healthcare Alliance, together with Pablo Corróns, Director of Sector Information Services at AENOR.