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AENOR-JQA cooperation agreement

AENOR-JQA cooperation agreement


​AENOR and the Japan Quality Association (JQA), Japan's leading certification body, have recently signed a cooperation agreement in Tokyo to help their respective clients to gain access to the international markets in which the two organisations operate. 

Through this agreement, AENOR's clients will gain easier access to the Asian markets, particularly Japan, where AENOR will be able to use JQA's auditors to provide support to clients operating there. In addition, companies certified by AENOR will be able to obtain JQA's certification with concessional terms.

This agreement will also enable companies based in Japan to get certified in the Latin American and Spanish markets through AENOR, at the same level as they are certified with JQA in their home country.

Through this agreement, the two organisations have committed to organising various activities of common interest in the field of compliance assessment.

The agreement has been signed by the CEO of AENOR, Rafael García Meiro, and the President of JQA, Noriaki KOBAYASHI.