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Sareb awarded five new AENOR certifications

Sareb awarded five new AENOR certifications


  • They guarantee the company's commitment to continuous improvement in the areas of information security, business continuity, environmental management and occupations health and safety.
  • They join the other two certifications awarded in 2017 on criminal compliance and anti-bribery.
  • AENOR's certifications are a guarantee of trust and security for third parties.

23 January 2019. The Company for the Management of Assets proceeding from Restructuring of the Banking System (Sareb) has been awarded five new certifications by AENOR, Spain's benchmark certification body.

These certifications assess Sareb's management systems and prove that the company complies with global standards in the areas of information security, business continuity, quality, environmental management and occupational health and safety. They join the other two certifications awarded in 2017 on criminal compliance and anti-bribery, which were renewed in 2018.

Idoia Maguregui, the Deputy Director of media relations at Sareb, received the certificates from Gonzalo Piédrola, AENOR's Central and European Director, and indicated that they “confirm our company's commitment to excellence and the implementation of best practices in all our management processes”.

For Gonzalo Piédrola, “Sareb has made systematic quality and continuous improvement policies one of its strategic pillars. AENOR's certifications are solid allies to the competitiveness of the organisations, generating confidence”.

Specifically, the AENOR Information Security Management System Certificate proves that Sareb complies with requirements of the standard ISO/IEC 27001, supporting the asset protection strategy, in line with the company's overall vision. It also certifies that Sareb has introduced a set of adequate controls to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of its information system. Similarly, it enables compliance with the different pieces of legislation on data protection, information society services, e-commerce, intellectual property and everything related to information security.

With respect to the AENOR Business Continuity Management System certificate (under ISO Standard 22301) it is proved that Sareb applies a series of controls and measures to manage general risks to which business continuity is exposed in all circumstances, taking into account the existence of overall risks and the impact analysis of critical processes. This recognition offers a framework to grow the organisation's capacity for resistance or resilience against a potential incident or crisis, offering an effective response and safeguarding the interests of its key interested parties, reputation, brand and critical processes and activities.

Furthermore, the AENOR Quality Management System certificate (ISO 9001) proves the company's commitment to continuous improvement in processes and works to remove the "no quality" cost, with greater involvement of professionals “by ensuring work well done and sustainable, and greater conviction in the transfer of the quality commitment to all recipients in an organisation”.

The AENOR Environmental Management certificate (ISO 14001) confirms that Sareb has introduced a system that helps to avoid the environmental impact of its business, using necessary resources to avoid them, reduce them or control them, “but always in balance with socio-economic rationality."

Lastly, the AENOR Occupational Health and Safety certificate (ISO 45001) guarantees that the current management system helps to prevent occupational risks. The advantages of the certificate, under this internationally recognised standard, include helping to reduce the workplace accident rate and increase productivity, "which translates into profit." In addition, it facilitates legal compliance and "fosters a culture of preventive health and safety, engaging employees so they play an active role."

Sareb was the first company with public capital to be certified by AENOR in Criminal Compliance and Anti-Bribery Measures. New certifications galvanise its overall management system and the company's vocation for continuous improvement.