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RL Components is recognised for its Management Excellence in purchasing


  • • RL Components becomes the first company exclusively focused on railway after-sales services to be awarded this prestigious certificate.

28 May 2019.- RL Components, a branch of the CAF Group and responsible for supplying railway workshop spare parts and equipment worldwide, has successfully passed the UNE 15896 Value Added Purchasing Management certification process. On 22 May 2019, Luz Emparanza Bereciartua, the Basque Country Department Manager of AENOR, personally presented this certificate to RL Components.  

The UNE 15896 Standard is the first supranational standard in the scope of Purchasing, being the first EU procurement standard whose objective is to standardise work procedures and provide performance criteria to help managers involved in Purchasing optimise their management techniques. Organisations such as the "European Centre for Standardisation", "AERCE" and the "International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management" have all played an important role in promoting this standard. 

Gorka Tamayo, CEO of the company, says that "It is essential for RL Components to implement new management techniques to adapt our services to the challenges posed by our customers". He also points out that "This certificate simplifies the Company's alignment of strategic objectives with a system of continuous improvement and innovation".

By successfully passing this certification process, RL Components clearly shows its commitment to good purchasing management practices. Among other benefits, this certification helps organisations develop a purchasing policy and structured procedures by means of an effective purchasing management system that adds value and supports ongoing improvement. It also gives the company a competitive, commercial edge by improving communication, effectiveness and efficiency in purchasing processes.

AENOR certification in accordance with Standard UNE 15896 recognises the role of purchasing, both within the organisation and with third parties, as a means to improve relationships with interested parties. For example, suppliers are treated as business partners and supported as regards development.