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PROSOL, the first company in the Spanish agro-food sector to obtain the AENOR ‘Zero Waste’ certificate


​21 November 2018. Productos Solubles S.A. (PROSOL) is the first Spanish company within the agro-foods sector to obtain the ‘Zero Waste’ certificate granted by AENOR, which attests that organisations recycle their different types of waste, thus preventing them from ending up in landfill. With this new and well-recognised certification, PROSOL, a coffee company with headquarters in Venta de Baños (Palencia), adds to its already extensive collection of awards relating to its processes, products and services.

The director of AENOR in Castile-Leon, Inmaculada García Garrandés, delivered the certificate to the company today in person. AENOR's ‘Zero Waste’ certificate offers multiple benefits. Among others, it helps organisations to optimise their processes thanks to an exhaustive review which focuses on the points where waste is produced. In addition, it helps to boost the circular economy, allowing organisations to stay one step ahead of the legal requirements that are expected to be introduced in this area. 

It also offers economic benefits: it allows organisations to cut their costs related to waste management, since the amount of waste is reduced. At the same time, it allows them to earn extra income through managing their waste as recyclable materials, instead of as waste products. In this way, it provides organisations with support that is compatible with, offers added value to and complements the Environmental Management System under the ISO Standard 14001.