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MAPFRE obtains new AENOR certificates in Business Continuity (UNE-EN ISO 22301)

MAPFRE obtains new AENOR certificates in Business Continuity (UNE-EN ISO 22301)


8 February 2019. MAPFRE GLOBAL RISKS, MAPFRE RE and the Benefits and Suppliers (non life) Departments of MAPFRE ESPAÑA have obtained the Business Continuity Management System Certificate, in accordance with the UNE-EN ISO 22301 Standard, which grants AENOR.

These new certifications, in accordance with the international standard ISO 22301, certify that MAPFRE possesses a business continuity management system that enables the insurer, in the event of a disaster, to recover its operations within a previously established time frame and minimise the impact of such adverse events. The certification covers activities carried out by more than 2,600 people in 25 buildings and work centres. 

To this end, in-depth analysis of its processes was carried out, recovery strategies were established and simulation exercises were carried out to verify that the solutions and procedures implemented are adequate and in accordance with a standard that includes best international practices. 

These certifications are in addition to that obtained last year by the Operations Area of MAPFRE ESPAÑA, making it a pioneering insurance company in Spain in this field. On this occasion, MAPFRE RE also became the first reinsurer in Spain to obtain this certificate from AENOR.

Among its advantages, the certified management system provides a framework to increase the resilience of an organisation to any crisis situation, making it possible to provide an effective response and safeguarding the interests of its main stakeholders as well as the organisation's main processes and critical activities. All of this contributes to strengthening the solidity, solvency and trust that clients place in MAPFRE every day.

Several MAPFRE executives, such as Guillermo Llorente, Deputy Director General of Security, and Rosa María Lago, Deputy Director of Process Security, Javier del Rio and Juan Francisco Ortega, General Director and Deputy General Director, respectively, of the Technical Area of MAPFRE ESPAÑA, have recently received this recognition from Pablo Corróns, Director of Sector Marketing and Product at AENOR.