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The tuna processing and distribution chain commences certification process

The tuna processing and distribution chain commences certification process


  • This is in addition to the certification already obtained for tuna fishing activities in accordance with Standard UNE 195006.

6 March 2019. The Spanish tuna fleet, which forms part of the OPAGAC Group, has commenced the process of certifying the custody chain of preserved tuna processing and distribution companies through AENOR. With this process, the Spanish tuna fishing fleet is moving forward with the commitment it announced last October to sell the first cans of AENOR-certified Responsibly-Fished Tuna, which will reach Spanish supermarkets next summer.

This will mark the completion of a larger project, adding the tuna processing and distribution activities on land to the fishing activity at sea (under Standard UNE 195006), thereby covering the entire process of canned tuna from the sea to the consumer. The new cans of tuna will show the new certified responsibly-fished tuna label APR AENOR Conform.

The first tuna canning companies will undergo the first audits in the coming weeks in order to obtain AENOR certification. This is a voluntary certification which can be requested by any tuna fishing boat and tuna canning company in the world.

The new cans, which will make Spanish consumers the first in the world to be able to buy this product with a social and environmental sustainability certificate, will bear the AENOR Conform label and will also include a QR code through which the consumer will be able to access certain information on the product, its origin and details of its responsible processing. 

The fleet obtained the AENOR certificate for its activity at sea in July 2017. The Organisation of Producers of Frozen Tuna (OPAGAC) groups together 47 boats run by eight companies (Atunera Dularra, Calvo Pesca, Ugavi de Túnidos, Albacora, Compañía Europea de Túnidos, Nicra 7, Sant Yago and INPESCA) that fish tropical tuna in the Indian, Pacific and Atlantic oceans.