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The Spanish Almond tree obtains the AENOR Environmental Product Declaration


  • The AEOFRUSE Association presents the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) of the Spanish almond tree.

24 July 2019. The study "Analysis of the Life Cycle of Almond Kernels", a joint collaboration between the Spanish Association of Fruit and Vegetables Producer Organisations (OPFH) (AEOFRUSE) and the Fundación Centro Tecnológico de Miranda de Ebro (CTME), was presented yesterday in Madrid, within the framework of AENOR's GlobalEPD Programme.

Following the collection of preliminary results on 12 June 2019, the final results were presented in an Environmental Product Declaration, in accordance with the European Standard UNE-EN ISO 14025, with the Verification of AENOR.

Environmental differentiation for the Spanish Almond tree is favorable for its commercialisation, but it also raises more awareness of environmental factors in holdings and establishes rules for decision-taking in ecodesign.

EPDs offer reliable, relevant, transparent, comparable and verified information on the environmental performance of a product or service during its life cycle, by means of standardised parameters. These Declarations are based on the International Standard UNE-EN-ISO 14025:2010 and on a Life cycle assessment (LCA). AENOR is also the administrator of the Programa GlobalEPD of EPD verification that seeks to promote environmental reporting by organisations, thus building trust and confidence thanks to the verification of the company. Within the framework of this programme, a Sectoral panel for dried fruits and nuts was created that published the Product Category Rules (PCR) used in the EPD of the Spanish almond.  

AEOFRUSE, in collaboration with the companies CRISOL and FRUTOS SECOS MAÑAN, together with the CTME Foundation, has measured the environmental impact of all the stages of the Spanish Almond tree, from its origin until the end of its life, excluding the impact of the usage stage in the food industry. The study included the analysis of 59 Almond tree farms in different geographical areas, using different agricultural techniques (dry, irrigated, organic) and different sizes of holdings, thus obtaining the representativity of Spanish Almond farms.

The study was presented by Yolanda Núñez, from the Centro Tecnológico de Miranda de Ebro, together with Aitor Aragón, from AENOR, who gave a talk on "Verification of the Environmental Product Declaration of the Spanish Almond tree."

The Study was presented to the president of AEOFRUSE, Antonio Pont Soriano, who commented that "those involved should be proud to have taken part in a project promoting environmental sustainability as a tool for competitiveness and differentiation in the Spanish Almond sector. The Association will continue to take initiatives to promote the excellence of the Spanish almond tree."