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Press Release

Indra obtains the AENOR Certification of Criminal Compliance for its commitment to the compliance culture


  • Following an exhaustive audit, the company has obtained this certification based on the UNE 19601 standard on the best practices for preventing crime, reducing risk and promoting an ethical business culture and compliance with the Law.
  • It is one of the first Ibex and technological companies to hold this certification.

  • Indra has boosted its compliance culture in recent years, based on the principles of integrity and transparency, and this certification acknowledges these efforts to adopt the best practices for good corporate governance and regulatory compliance.

10 July 2019.- Indra, one of the leading global technology and consultancy companies, has obtained the Certification of Criminal Compliance AENOR, in accordance with the UNE 19601 Standard on the national best practices in management systems to prevent crime, reduce risk and foster an ethical and legally compliant business culture, helping to generate trust.

The certification demonstrates that Indra’s Criminal Risk Prevention Model complies with the requirements of the Standard, in a commitment to continuous improvement to incorporate the highest standards of compliance.

Indra thus becomes one of the first Ibex 35 and technological companies to obtain this certification, which contributes towards generating trust and recognises Indra's efforts to give the highest priority and adopt the best national and international compliance, corporate governance, social responsibility and business ethics practices.

AENOR has awarded this certification to Indra after conducting a thorough audit involving all the company’s corporate departments and several business units, led by the Compliance Unit.

Some of Indra's strengths highlighted on the AENOR Audit Report included the organisation's approach to risk and its integration into processes, as well as its crime prevention model. Indra's Crime Risk Prevention Model, validated by internationally recognised legal firms, is constantly updated in accordance with the strictest national and international standards and its internal elements and regulations are constantly adapted to Indra's corporate processes and business areas.