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Indra obtains IRIS certification from AENOR for its railway products


  • This certification improves the competitiveness of Indra's transport market by helping to increase the efficiency and profitability of railway projects, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.

14 October 2019. AENOR it has awarded Indra, one of the main global technology and consultancy companies, the IRIS (International Railway Industry Standard) certificate, under the ISO/TS 22163:2017 standard for quality management and systems applied to the railway sector.

This certification recognizes Indra's commitment to continuous improvement and confirms that the company's railway products and services comply with the highest standards of quality, reliability and safety in the sector.

The IRIS certification structure is based on the ISO/TS22163:2017 standard, which includes the requirements of ISO 9001 and is organised in standards that are similar to those used in the aerospace and automotive industries, adding railway specifications for aspects such as project management, design, RAMS (Reliability Availability Maintenance and Safety), LCC (Life Cycle Cost), obsolation management, supply chain management and validation of special processes, among others.

Having this accreditation created by the UNIFE initiative, which is the main European railway industry association, improves the competitiveness of Indra's transport market, as it contributes to increasing its efficiency and profitability and strenthens its position as leader of the sector. It also opens new opportunities for presenting offers, as this certification is increasingly valued and requested by customers.

The actions implemented to apply the standard have allowed Indra to improve the performance of its management and operation processes by helping to reduce costs and prevent repetition, while improving the quality and safety of railway products.

Indra is one of the few Spanish companies that, in addition to holding the ISO 9001 certification, holds certifications specific to the defence and aeronautical sector; PECAL 2110, PECAL 2210, PECAL 2310, EN 9100 and EN 9110 in their latest versions, and now including IRIS railway certification.