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Ibermática becomes the first technology service provider to obtain AENOR's certification for COVID-19


  • The company prioritises the protection of customers, suppliers and workers and certifies the protocols established against the coronavirus in its offices. 

15 October 2020. Ibermática prioritises protecting its professionals, customers, suppliers and partners against coronavirus and it now holds the certification from AENOR , which endorses its action protocols to combat the disease. The company has become the first technology services company in the Spanish market to obtain the specific COVID-19 certification for its work centres from this external audit company.

The AENOR certification is an external endorsement of the effectiveness of safety measures implemented by the company and it also certifies that these initiatives comply with the guidelines established by the Ministry of Health on matters of COVID-19 prevention and hygiene.

For the certification, AENOR developed a methodology based on the recommendations of national and international bodies, which represents a complete approach to organisations' management of COVID-19-related risks. The evaluation looked at aspects such as the management of these potential risks, health in the workplace, training, information and communication, protection measures, as well as good cleaning and hygiene practices at facilities, in order to guarantee the safety of people and business continuity.

As Alberto Meynial, Chief People Officer at Ibermática, explains, "specifically, our company launched a plan, even before the official recognition of the pandemic and health crisis, to protect our professionals and customers through various initiatives aimed at guaranteeing the health and safety of people, business continuity and the employment stability, both in Spain and in our international offices". "In this way," he said, "we already practically fulfilled the requirements stipulated by AENOR in order to obtain the certification".

For his part, AENOR's Director of Sales, Nicolas Henríquez Manzano explained that "the AENOR audit covered all aspects related to prevention and safety at its facilities, checking that the detailed Ibermática Protocol met the requirements. this certificate also includes quarterly monitoring. The step that the Ibermática is taking now is consistent with its long and unwavering commitment to constant improvement".

The 'AENOR coronavirus action protocols certification' recognises the proper application of good practices in the management of the pandemic, which is key to conveying the necessary guarantees to workers, customers and consumers to generate confidence. In this regard, "AENOR has developed a certification process for the protocols and measures put in place by organisations to meet this challenge, collaborating in the process of returning to normality and in the control of the day-to-day situation, as well as contributing value to the business continuity processes" said a representative from the certifications company.

In this way, AENOR supports the best practices in the management of COVID-19 related risks in facilities and services. Those companies who submit to AENOR's audit will have the security of knowing they are implementing suitable protocols, and they will also be able to demonstrate to customers, employees and the general public their commitment to preventing the spread of the disease.