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AENOR certifies Ferrovial Servicios' Asset Management System


  • The scope of this certification includes managing the life cycle of the real estate assets for residential, land, tertiary and other uses, that are owned by the customer.
  • By receiving the ISO-UNE 55001 certification, Ferrovial Servicios commits to managing the assets entrusted to it by its customers by employing high quality, rigor, accuracy and transparency standards in order to ensure that the value of the assets at issue will remain the same throughout their life cycle.
  • Following the assessment and audit, AENOR found that Ferrovial Servicios rigorously follows the protocols to monitor the life cycle of all the assets it manages on an ongoing and continuous basis.

17 October 2019.  AENOR awarded Ferrovial Servicios S.A. certification based on standard UNE-ISO 55001 in order to recognise the effective control and management of the assets entrusted to it by its customers.

In this regard, Ferrovial Servicios has incorporated the requirements of this standard into the asset management services it provides to its customers in order to provide a strategic approach and greater value to all the processes it implements.

The objective of the Standard UNE-ISO 55001:2015 is to introduce the policy, Management's responsibilities, resources and implementation, operational, measurement, analysis and improvement guidelines, which include the requirements an asset management system must comply with, in a manner similar to other organisational management methodologies.

In order to achieve the desired balance between the cost, risk and performance of the assets throughout their life cycle, UNE-ISO 55001 follows the high-level structure of the international standards of ISO Management Systems, allowing it to be easily integrated with other management systems.

During the event, which was attended by the Chief Executive Officer of Ferrovial Servicios España, Juan Ignacio Beltrán García-Echániz; Alberto López, Director of Development; David de la Cruz, Planning Director and Director of Institutional Relations and Marketing; Juan Carlos Martín Medina, Director of Contracting; Pilar López, Manager of Communication and Marketing and Rafael García Meiro, AENOR CEO, the representatives of the two companies emphasised that this certificate provides added value to Ferrovial Servicios, as it establishes a framework to efficiently manage the portfolio of assets entrusted to it by its customers.

Olga Húelamo and Helena Martínez Campos, both managers of Ferrovial Servicios España and who were also present at the event, emphasised how important the certificate may be for the company's customer portfolio.

Rafael García Meiro noted that "the UNE-ISO 55001 standard is a useful tool for organisations with the broad reach of Ferrovial Servicios, both as regards geography and customers, as it helps to improve confidence in both Spanish and international environments. The standard must be implemented well and adapted in order to provide the best returns possible. In this regard, personnel from both Ferrovial Servicios and AENOR have developed a high level of collaboration within the roles they perform".

Juan Ignacio Beltrán García-Echániz mentioned that obtaining this certificate is a great way to improve the optimisation of internal processes and constitutes a competitive advantage that will enable Ferrovial Servicios España to continue to implement its asset management growth strategy and expand on its current portfolio of more than 100,000 assets managed throughout Spain for different customers.

He also stressed that this achievement is crucial for Ferrovial Servicios, as it means that "we are the first organisation in Spain to obtain certification for the assigned management of assets owned by customers".

For Ferrovial, obtaining the asset management systems certificate, together with the Lean Management certificate, shows that the organisation is committed to implementing appropriate mechanisms to meet the requirements of markets, customers, shareholders, investors and other stakeholders, and also positions Ferrovial Servicios as a company with high standards, whose processes comply with the best management practices.