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The Hospiten Group renews and extends its European EFQM 500 + Seal of Excellence


  • This certification was first granted in 2017, after Grupo Hospiten successfully passed the external evaluation carried out by AENOR.
  • This renewal demonstrates that Grupo Hospiten is committed to excellence based management.
  • On its international expansion, the results of the Paitilla Medical Centre's comprehensive management system in Panama were recognised for its quality in healthcare, training of professionals and compliance with the established indicators.

14 October 2019. The CEO of AENOR, Rafael García Meiro, and the General Secretary of the 'Club Excelencia en Gestión' (Management Excellence Club), Ignacio Babé, have awarded the European EFQM 500 + Seal of Excellence to Grupo Hospiten for the second time. The award was received by Grupo Hospiten's Managing Director, Juan José Hernández Rubio, the General Manager of Grupo Hospiten, Pedro Luis Cobiella Beauvais, and the Group's CEO in Spain, Rafael Navarro Bravo.

The EFQM 500 + is the highest level of recognition awarded by the Excellence in Management Club. It recognizes organizations that successfully deploy a strategic plan aimed at excellence, and which attain the objectives set for leadership criteria, key results and people management.

After the evaluation process, AENOR, accredited by the Excellence in Management Club, highlighted the commitment of the Hospiten Group to consolidating itself as a sustainable, ethical and responsible company in its activities and a benchmark in the markets in which it operates. This orientation towards sustainable development and a culture of excellence have become strategic pillars of its business management and its commitment to society.

The evaluation report highlights that the Organisation is leading an expansion at international level that conveys a corporate culture based on continuous improvement and excellence in each of its centres. It also highlights sustainable building and consumption optimisation as crucial points in the expansion of the hospital network.

The renewal of the seal also extends to the Paitilla Medical Centre in Panama City, which is notable for its compliance with indicators such as the lowest rate of intensive care readmissions; 100% breastfeeding in the neonatology service; the complete hospital diet manual available; an Intensive Care Unit recognized for having trained 90% of nurses specialized in this area, and for conducting training seminars on standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 to all members of the hospital staff involved in the Integrated Management System.

These results are part of the Paitilla Medical Centre's Quality and Environment Committee's commitment to manage processes, which are disclosed to all medical professionals and the staff employed in different areas on an ongoing and consistent basis. It should be noted that the Paitilla Medical Centre is in the process of having its system for verifying radiotherapy treatments approved by Panama's Health Ministry, which would make it a pioneer in the country.

Juan José Hernández Rubio emphasised that "for Grupo Hospiten, this type of recognition is a great boost, as it helps to highlight what the company is doing to offer people a health service of the highest quality".