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AENOR emphasises the importance of trust in the digitisation of businesses


  • According to the latest ISO report, Spain ranks among the top ten countries in the world when it comes to adopting ISO 27001 Information Security certifications and ISO 20000 IT Service Quality certifications.
  • AENOR is launching a Digital Ecosystem with several certifications for companies and institutions that are making proven advancements in their digitalisation process.

26 September 2018. AENOR, the benchmark certification entity in Spain, has highlighted the importance of trust to successfully achieve digital transformation in organisations. These announcements were released this morning at the 2nd Industria Conectada 4.0 Conference, inaugurated by His Majesty the King, Felipe VI and attended by the Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism, Reyes Maroto.

The CEO of Aenor, Rafael García Meiro, who took part in the Round Table: “CEOs tackling digital transformation", stated that "digitalisation needs trust in order to be rolled out and generate competitiveness". Along these lines, he identified "three major areas where it is crucial to build trust: governance and ICT management; governance, data management and quality, and cybersecurity and compliance".

To help companies and public institutions in their digital transformation, AENOR has developed a Digital Ecosystem comprised of several certifications designed to endorse the verified advancement of organisations in the digitalisation process.

Other examples include Information Security certification in accordance with ISO 27001 or IT Services Quality certification as per ISO 20000. According to the recently published international report by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), Spain ranks among the top ten countries adopting these certifications.

ISO 27001 Information Security certifications grew by 19% in 2017 worldwide, reaching a total of 39,501 certificates. Furthermore, IT Services Quality certifications (ISO 20000) totalled over 5,000 globally, after a 10% increase.

AENOR certifications are based on ISO international standards, which embody international best practices.