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Cybersecurity and trust, main topics in the AENOR Room of the III Connected Industry Congress 4,0


  • "Bridging the digital divide, with confidence in cybersecurity" is the central theme of the Round Table, in which other recognised Spanish and European organisations are taking part.
  • SMEs from different sectors will share their experiences of turning cybersecurity into a competitive advantage, applying tools that contain internationally recognised standards.
  • The round table will be held tomorrow, Tuesday, 12 November, at the IFEMA Convention Centre in Madrid, from 1:30 pm.

11 November 2019 As part of the 'Tercer Congreso de Industria Conectada 4.0' [Third Connected Industry 4.0 Congress] organised by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, AENOR will lead one of the rooms designed to create conversations around the new challenges that digital transformation poses for industry, its competitiveness, and how to build stakeholder trust.

The AENOR Room will include four leading companies in Cybersecurity and Cyberthreats; Risk Management and Analysis; and Data Governance, Management and Quality, for SMEs as well as large companies. In addition, the best solutions on these topics will be presented, related to managed security, data quality as a service, CERT and SOC services in SMEs, as well as other topics that respond to the challenges of the digital age.

The panel will include Rosa Díaz, Deputy Director of Company Support and R & D & i (INCIBE); Javier Zubieta, Marketing and Communication Director at Secure eSolutions (GMV); Moisés Rodríguez, CEO of the accredited Software and Data Laboratory (AQCLab/DQTeam); and Boris Delgado, AENOR's ICT Manager.  

The content of the round table is an added value of AENOR to the organisations comprising the Spanish SME, as applying cybersecurity that utilises the best ISO practices will allow them to consolidate values such as trust, security, and quality, which are highly appreciated by today's society and generate transparency in the stakeholder groups of those organisations.

According to Carlos Manuel Fernández, executive partner in the International Data Corporation (IDC) and moderator of the AENOR Room round table, "Cybersecurity is one of the most significant aspects in the digital transformation of SMEs. The emerging technologies of the Digital R-evolution must have cybersecurity protection so that digital innovation is secure, high quality, and sustainable. This is what will enable companies to migrate to a customer-oriented model at the centre of their activity and consider data their most important digital asset."

For Boris Delgado, AENOR's ICT Manager, "Cybersecurity, its innovative solutions, and its best practices allow companies to generate the conditions necessary to successfully address certification audits and thereby reduce gaps in competitiveness."

The Third Connected Industry 4.0 Congress is a benchmark event that integrates the productive sectors of society around the major challenges industry faces in its digital transformation, the state of the art in enabling technologies, and success stories and case studies in the sectors with the greatest impact.  

In this edition of the congress, the guest country is South Korea, and, as an innovation, the First Edition of the National Connected Industry Awards 4.0 will be presented.

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