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bonÀrea obtains AENOR certification for Animal Welfare for the manufacture of UHT milk, yoghurt and dairy desserts

bonÀrea obtains AENOR certification for Animal Welfare for the manufacture of UHT milk, yoghurt and dairy desserts


  • bonÀrea obtains AENOR Animal Wellbeing certification for all its farms that produce fresh cows milk for use in dairy products such as UHT milk, yoghurts, desserts and ice creams.

9 April 2019. The certification body AENOR has issued Animal Welfare certification to all farms that supply bonÀrea with milk, as well as the bonÀrea brand dairy products that are manufactured in the Guissona Food Centre.

bonÀrea has become one of the agrifood industry's leading players as a result of having obtained Animal Welfare certification for the production of a wide range of more than 35 yoghurts and refrigerated and frozen desserts.

The AENOR certificate recognises and verifies the good farming and industrial practices implemented that have been designed to safeguard animal welfare and ensure the traceability of all bonÀrea products, which translates into better quality, food safety and sustainability.

Animal Welfare certification guarantees that the farmers who produce cows milk for bonÀrea comply with the requirements set forth in AENOR's Animal Welfare Model, which is based on the European Welfare Quality® protocol under the supervision of the Institut de Recerca i Tecnologia Agroalimentaries de Catalunya [Institute of Agrifood Research and Technology] (IRTA). This standard is based on four basic principles: good diet (nutritional quality of the diet and access to water), good accommodation (comfortable accommodation for cows and freedom of movement), good health (absence of injury and illness) and good behaviour (good interaction among cows and between cows and farmers).

bonÀrea collects milk on a daily basis from more than 5,000 dairy cows in Catalonia and Aragon. Its activity starts in the field with the sowing and harvesting of cereals and fodder (the basis for animal food) so that it can then create a specific diet for each type of livestock in conjunction with a team of nutritionists at its 11 animal food plants.

Then, after subjecting farming operations to its own quality control mechanisms on a daily basis, bonÀrea collects milk from the farms to be transported to the Guissona Food Centre, where a new set of exhaustive quality control mechanisms are performed before the milk is used to manufacture dairy products that are sold directly through the company's network of 500 stores in Catalonia, Aragon, Valencia, Madrid, Navarre, La Rioja, Guadalajara and Andorra.

 Thanks to the complete production cycle (Direct from the Field) and the circular economy, bonÀrea can offer a range of UHT milk and dairy products that are of the highest quality for an unbeatable price.