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Atlantic Copper receives AENOR Healthy Workplace certification


  • Its benefits include managing the health, safety and wellbeing of all workers in a sustainable way. It also helps to increase companies' productivity, ability to compete and sustainability.
  • The event was hosted by the journalist Ana Vives and began with a talk by the chef and tv presenter Enrique Sánchez.
  • There was then a round table involving a discussion on the role companies now play in trying to improve their employees quality of life.

12 March 2019. Atlantic Copper, which is a company from Huelva, today received Healthy Workplace Certification from AENOR, presented by the Director for Andalucia, Antonio Pérez Carreño, and collected by the company's General Organisation and Human Resources Manager Sol Villar. The ceremony to award the certification took place as part of the Third Atlantic Copper Event. A forum for dialogue in Huelva, which on this occasion was called "Beyond Health Care" and took place in the Graduates' Conference Room at the Higher Technical School of Engineering on the University's of Huelva's El Carmen Campus.

AENOR's Healthy Workplace model is the first of its kind in the world. It is based on internationally recognised criteria and the continuous improvement methodology known as Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) and considers health as a state of full physical, mental and social wellbeing.

In his talk, AENOR's Director for Andalucia said that "the main advantage of this model is that it makes it easier to manage the health, safety and wellbeing of all employees in a sustainable way whilst helping to increase a company's productivity and ability to compete".

"As with any other Management System", "in order to obtain Healthy Workplace certification, a company must pass an audit performed by experts in the area, who can help the company by identifying opportunities to improve".   

In words of Sol Villar, the Atlantic Copper representative who collected the certificate, "it has been shown that people who are happy in their work environment definitely contribute more to the organisations they work for. With this in mind, we wanted to put an end to the idea that medical services should only be used when people have a health condition that could be considered serious. In the twenty-first century, this idea falls short of both the services our healthcare professionals can offer us and what the model is for an excellent company, which is something we aspire to be. At Atlantic Copper, we understand that rather than just not being ill, health is about feeling good and being useful and satisfied. In other words, we try to understand health from a holistic perspective".

Enrique Sánchez, the chef and presenter of Canal Sur TV programmes such as La Báscula [the scales] and Cómetelo [eat it] also gave a talk at the event, which was hosted by the journalist Ana Vives and organised in collaboration with the organisation Huelva Información and Huelva University. As part of his lecture, Mr Sánchez explained that "we usually don't think about our health until we get ill. The major problem that most of us have is that we focus on what we look like rather than the state of our health. That's why we need to talk more about adopting healthy lifestyles and respecting the environment. Fortunately, attitudes are changing in Spain and now health in the workplace is seen as essential, and companies are no longer seeking to maximise productivity above all else. We must encourage the use of training and information so that the measures needed to fix bad habits are implemented".  

With these latest seminars, Atlantic Copper seeks to provide the wider community with a forum for dialogue and debate in order to analyse current business and social issues and areas of interest in depth from an innovative perspective and in conjunction with professionals and experts who have a thorough understanding of the latest developments in this field.

To do this, a round table was held featuring the Director of the company i+3, Salvador Carmona Fálder, the Manager of Medical Services at FCC Medio Ambiente, Montserrat Gómez Recasens, Javier Peña, the Manager of Medical Services at Atlantic Copper and Marta Serrano, AENOR's Health Manager.

During this event, Salvador Carmona emphasised that "a preventative culture is essential. However, if its foundations are shaky, it won't work. Therefore, it's really important to develop this area sufficiently. This culture has three key ingredients: commitment, learning and empowerment". When she spoke, Montserrat Gómez Recasens said that "despite the current climate, companies provide and will continue to provide an environment where preventing illness and promoting health are not only possible, but effective. To build healthy companies, we have to follow certain working methods. We have to head towards the future together within a growing culture of cooperation, engagement, trust and inclusion". Javier Peña stated that "at Atlantic Copper we believe in the concept of a healthy company as it forms the basis for how we do things and is part of our DNA. We can't achieve excellence without being healthy. We also have to make measures and targeted health campaigns available to our employees in order to empower people so they make their own decisions that will be of benefit to their health". Marta Serrano emphasised that "people are the driving force behind companies, and these people may become ill and experience personal problems that affect their health. They will also be subject to the ageing process, which may affect their wellbeing one way or another. This is why we have to empower workers to manage their own health, because that's how companies generate real results".

The Atlantic Copper Events aim to serve a broad spectrum of society including business operators, company directors, representatives of different authorities, teachers and students from higher education centres in the Huelva region and representatives of local associations and organisations that are interested in the issues covered in each event.