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Asepeyo and AENOR analyse the new ISO 45001

Asepeyo and AENOR analyse the new ISO 45001


​24 October 2018. The recently published ISO 45001 is the first ISO (International Standards Organisation) standard for Workplace Health and Safety Management Systems. 

It has been conceived to make organisations more efficient. Its high-level structure will allow it to be integrated with quality and environmental systems, with the ensuing benefits and simplifications, while simultaneously complying with legal precepts, and continuously improving to achieve ever safer workplaces.

With the aim of approaching the new system, Asepeyo and AENOR held a meeting in which they analysed the migration process OHSAS 18001-certified companies will have to deal with when transferring to the new standard, a procedure they have three years to complete. The first meeting took place in Madrid and will be repeated in other Spanish towns and cities. 

During the session, Luis González, Asepeyo health and safety consultant in Madrid, and Ignacio Bielza, AENOR's head auditor, explained the new requirements of the standard, the main differences with the OHSAS 18001 and the process involved in preparing and implementing the new ISO 45001 system. 

According to the speakers, the new standard will help to reduce the workplace accident rate; eliminate hazards and reduce workplace health and safety risks. Its high-level structure will also facilitate integration with other management systems, such as the aforementioned ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. It will also allow companies to increase productivity and reduce costs. Likewise, it can be undertaken jointly with the Statutory Workplace Risk Prevention Audit.