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ALSA obtains the AENOR certification on Penal Compliance and Information Security


  • The UNE 19601 Certification guarantees the commitment of ALSA to regulatory compliance and promotes a culture of business ethics, which contributes to generating trust in its interest groups.
  • Holding the UNE-EN ISO/IEC 27001:2017 certification helps ALSA to protect and reinforce its information systems, implementing appropriate controls to ensure the IT system's privacy, integrity and accessibility.

24 October 2019. As part of its strategy to implement a management model based on Excellence, the passenger transport company ALSA has received from AENOR two new certificates that endorse the company's commitment to continuous improvement: the UNE 19601 Criminal Compliance Management System certification; and the UNE-ISO/IEC 27001:2017 Information Security Management System certification.

These two certifications were presented to the CEO of ALSA, Francisco Iglesias, by Rafael García Meiro, CEO of AENOR, at an event held at the company's headquarters in Madrid.

The Criminal Compliance certificate accredits that ALSA has introduced a Criminal Compliance Management System according to the Standard UNE 19601, the national standard of best practices for preventing criminal offences, reducing risk, and promoting an ethical business culture that adheres to the law.

With this certification, ALSA joins the group of leading Spanish companies that guarantee the commitment of organisations to regulatory compliance, demonstrating due diligence In the prevention and detection of crimes, which will allow them to reduce or even exempt criminal liability, and it promotes an ethical business culture and generates trust.


During the event, the company was also granted certification for Standard UNE ISO/IEC 27001 on Information Security, which accredits that ALSA has introduced a Management System that establishes requirements for the introduction, documentation and assessment of an information security management system.

Among other advantages, it accredits that the company has introduced a set of controls designed to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of its information systems, thus enabling compliance with the different laws on personal data protection, information society services, e-commerce and intellectual property.

ALSA values this certification due to its orientation towards the protection of assets, aligning it with Management strategies and for its value for clients of all types of organisations. It also helps ALSA to know its risks, identifying threats to business activity and effectively reducing them.

Francisco Iglesias, CEO of ALSA, expressed his satisfaction at receiving these new AENOR certifications "which are not only related to Improvements in management, but they strengthen the commitment to our values - such as ethics, good practices, transparency and legal compliance - and with our customers and society in general, through information security, and which constitute distinct elements of our organisation."

Rafael García Meiro, CEO of AENOR, said that "ALSA is one of the leading companies in our economy and that is why the example it is giving by making a commitment to good practice is so important. In this case, these are two certifications that directly appeal to values that are so important for today's society. The Criminal Compliance certification expresses an alignment with Good Governance, while the Information Security certification ensures the correct management of cybersecurity, which, among other things, contributes confidence in the collection of personal data and its subsequent management."

by being granted these certificates, which it adds to the IQNet SR10 Social Responsibility certification it already holds, ALSA once again feels encouraged to continue cementing its model of excellence based on the continuous improvement and innovation it has been pursuing over recent years.