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The Balearic Islands Tourism Agency (ATB) certifies its Carbon Footprint


18 January 2018. The vice president of the Balearic Islands Government and Minister of Tourism, Innovation and Research, Bel Busquets, has received the Carbon Footprint certification at the International Tourism Fair, Fitur 2018 AENOR for the Balearic Islands Tourism Agency (ATB)

The certificate was delivered by Soledad Seisdedos, director of the AENOR delegation in the Balearic Islands. This certificate accredits the accuracy of an organisation's Carbon Footprint calculation, i.e. the amount of all Greenhouse Gas emissions as a consequence of its activities. This certificate is based on the internationally recognized ISO Standard 14064-1, which sets out the requirements for the design, development and inventory management of GHG emissions of companies, as well as for the presentation of reports on these inventories.

Among its benefits, the certificate allows companies to detect and control their GHG emissions and inspires trust and enhances the transparency of organisations. The certificate also recognises organisations in GHG Public Registries, such as the National Carbon Footprint Registry of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment (MAPAMA). 

It also enables the management of greenhouse gas risks and identifies opportunities for further reducing them; it facilitates the development and implementation of greenhouse gas strategies and plans, such as the development of mandatory programs or the participation in CO2 markets and early action against climate change. 

AENOR, a leading global company in Carbon Footprint certification, carries out nearly 200 carbon footprint verifications annually on public and private organisations from numerous sectors, in Spain and abroad.